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Apr 12, 2009
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Here are some more photos I took. Please let me know what you think and tell me what I could impove on in the photos. All except the last one have been slightly edited.
Thank you for taking the time to look.

(1) This is a young tree in my backyard. I was trying to take a photo of it from a different angle.


(2) Just some leaves.


(3) Drinking her morning cup of tea.


(4) This is a sunrise and I took the photo from my backyard. I have yet to see another one with colors as vibrant as this one had. I have done no editing to this one at all.


1. meh (at least for me)
2. a bit oversaturated.
3. looks snapshotty
4. amazing
1- good viewpoint and interesting tree!
2- looks like there is a little too much saturation (even if you havnt touched it in post)
3- doesnt do anything for me
4- great shot! the sky is beautiful. the house sillohettes (butchered that word!) are a little destracting with the chimneys sticking up, but i know you couldnt help that from where you were. a landscape sillohette would add so much to this photo
Thank you for the comments. I wasn't quite sure if #2 was oversaturated but I wanted to make sure. I still have the original which has had nothing done to it. #3, I can see where it looks like a snapshot but it isn't. :) As for #4, thank you.
1. A circular polarizer would have a better impact on the sky, but otherwise it's ok. There's nothing that is visually interesting about this shot, and this may be one of those cases where you centrally place the subject to help draw that interest. Many solo tree shots are done this way, but they have more contribution to the photo as do the backgrounds.
2. I like the visual rhythm here, but I don't think this works in color. Try a B&W conversion and push your contrast, it may make for a better photo.
3. Not that interesting either. Consider not cropping her body when there are elements that need definition. In this case she is just a head and floating hands holding a cup. You can still have her face as the focal point with more background, but a crop this tight doesn't work that well.
4. Very nice colors, but often if you have something silhouetted, it relates better to the sky (palm trees against a beach sunset, a person, etc.). Roof tops in this case are quite boring and although the color of the sky is great, incorporating the lower portion of the frame, and the dull upper portion make this less powerful. What you want is that nice colorful, vibrant section right above the houses.

Hope this helps!
Yes it does. :) Thank you for the comments. As for the tree one. Would it look better if I cropped more off the right side to make the tree more centered?
To tell you the truth, no. That tree is quite boring, but the idea is to have it centrally placed if it can dominate the image. Do a quick search on flickr for tree photos and you'll see what I mean. If your tree doesn't carry much weight in the image, the background has to which I am assuming your background wasn't that great or you would've included it.
Here is a pretty cool example of both the composition and the silhouetting that you attempted in #4.
Ok, I understand what you're saying. The tree is planted next to a field that is being developed and a highway also runs behind the field. I didn't want that in the photo which is why I took it this way.
Number 4 is great! Love the colors and the outline of the houses. Maybe take out that little spec of white at the bottom? Looks like someone had a light on inside. Kind of distracting from the amazing sky.

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