C&C Light in Greenhouse


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Nov 28, 2011
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Yes I know I just posted birds but I'm getting caught up from the holidays here and I fear there might be one more thread in the works... trying to keep things separated as best I can.
Ok so one day I was reading the forum and something stuck out to me, I wish I could remember who said it....it went something like this "at sunset a good photographer turns around to see whats going on behind them"
Well I've been working on sunsets and been rather frustrated with flat results so I decided to turn around and this is my fav. thing I found.

1. I love the light coming from the greenhouse. I struggled with composition a bit, I took many shots but the one shot I think might have really popped I didn't take... and that is getting down lower.
I don't like the under exposed snow and am not perfectly happy with the exposure at the left side ... fill flash? ... or is this a good candidate for HDR?
Shot settings:


2. I like the different textures of plastic and the light. iffy on the crop and leaving the corner of sky in. Colours seem to be washing out a bit to the right.

I like the second one. I would have gone in even closer to the lighter areas. Your comments on the second one suggest the next step, namely cropping on the right to remove the sky and some of the less colorful area. You could lose some off the bottom of the frame as well.
Hey Ken :) thanks for taking a look!
tried the crop

Simplify and Exclude... seems to work out here. Of the three, I definitely like the last one best.
Hey Dwight, thanks for taking a look ... and I agree, amazing how a smidge off around the edges changes it so much.

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