C&C: low sun shines on distant mountain top


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Aug 29, 2010
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This is one of my own favourite shots, to be honest.

I like: how the image is divided into a warm foreground, cold midground and a little warm background (the light). The golden mountain top looks nice, I think. I like how the fog is sneaking in, and helps frame the point of interest: the mountain. The foreground line is a wavy line, which I find pleasing. I like the warm-cold contrasts here.

Unsure about: the placement of the golden top. It feels centred, but also it feels not centred. Either way, the placement bothers me a little bit. I'd like it more to the left, but I didn't want to crop this..... that's basically what I'm sure about.

Mjelkhaug i lyset r by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

Thanks for watching and commenting!
IMO the exposure is great but I find the fog in the upper right a bit distracting.
i love it too but -2 on the fog slider and it would be perfect!
I still like the fog, but too bad people don't. Any other views?
I wouldn't mind the fog if it didn't look faked.

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