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Jan 5, 2009
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I would like some c&c on my macros. It would probably be easiest to click on my flickr link and tell me what you think. The shots at the top are my newest. I think anyone could tell a big difference in the first few and the last few. So please let me know what you guys think!! Thanks!
Well mgw, I made a new thread b/c the older one was getting no responses of value, similar to this one so far. Also, like I stated, originally, there are newer shots on my flickr page.

Kundalini, I thought I'd save some time by just giving a link, but it doesn't work as well as I'd hoped.

I would also like to bring this one back up. I never got much feedback on it, and would love some.
hello again!
Well honestly I think you have reached a tricky point - technically speaking there is little wrong with your shots and based on these shots and the previous I think you have a solid working method - composition wise I also feel that you have some good control and understanding of that (even if by accident).
So first things first it might be time to look to your lighting - try to experiment and see if you can reduce the highlights appearing in your shots. This here might also be of interest:
NatureScapes.Net - Article on Cross-Polarization Flash Macro Photography
note that if you go this rout you need to make sure you mount the flash polarizer away from the head of the flash otherwise it burns out rather quickly (as I have been told by others that have tried this method).
You might also have a peek here: No Cropping Zone
for some more ideas and inspiration.

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