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C&C one photo please. I may be bias here.


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Aug 16, 2010
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It's my little princess, so I do not know if I am bias in thinking this a moving photo, or if it's just me. I am considering having it made to canvas, but prior to such venture, please enjoy and fire away.


Never wanted the details to shine through on this one.
Hmmmm... while I can understand your appreciation of this image as the parent, to an outside observer, it doesn't strike me as overly moving. First off, the issue is distinctly underexposed, and notwithstanding your desire for the details not to 'shine through' it has a yellow, muddy cast. As well, there's a great deal of empty space here with the child in one corner and nothing else.

A couple of thoughts here: Increase the exposure/brightness just a touch, and do a colour-balance adjustment. As well perhaps a crop of some of the empty space image left. I think this pose would work much better if we could see what the child was looking at.

HOWEVER, all of that aside, you're looking at this as a proud parent, and if it works for you, that's what really matters.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

Not sure what you're going for but I'll try.
Theres a green hue to the shot, not sure what caused that or if it was intentional.
Maybe a slightly tighter crop and some sharpening. She seems soft or OOF.
What would you call this shot, what theme?
It looks like it needs some type of saying on the left. Its one of those photos to me. I think you need to lighten it up and add a little more color if you want her to be the main subject.
For me, just like others when I first look at this photo is it's underexposed, and too any emptiness on the left made the top picture empty which make the child position in the photo awkward.

I know what you're trying to go for, a canvas painting look. If so then cropping the left would help the photo balance or retake the shot with the child looking slightly left and add a touch of light or something on the top left corner. That will balance the photo. If you want to shoot like you're daughter is relax or at peace, position her differently because that pose make me think she's looking at something and I try to look what's she's looking but nothing is there.

Actually after looking at your photo again, are you trying to go for the emptiness look? Like she's looking at emptiness? If so I would make the background a little darker and a little less green. Her head is already circle, with some small button of circle. Maybe different shirt with bigger circle buttons. I don't know, seem to be something missing for me but good composition if that's what you're going for. I just don't know for sure how to fix it.
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Yes, it is underexposed. Normally I would cull this one, or apply some heavy pp to save it. But something struck me about it. She small, looking away, looking into a huge empty area. She's alittle out of focus. The wide void is dark, oof, and muddy looking. For some reason, considering all these normally bad attributes, it struck me as powerful. Did not know if it was just my bias because it was my kid or not. I normally do not find shots with this many bad attributes, which come together to form in my opinion is a very good quality. Seperately they are all bad, when you pic it apart.However, together, it works for me. This is the first time I have experienced this, so I guess sometimes bad photography can work on an occasion.
that pose make me think she's looking at something and I try to look what's she's looking but nothing is there.

I know, thats part of the magic in my opinion.

Actually after looking at your photo again, are you trying to go for the emptiness look?

Yes, as well as a plethora of other photo no no's, to try and create something unique that works.
Certainly, if there is emotional involvment. That's how I sell most of my people images.

Technically, the image has no merit.
Technically, the image has no merit.

I agree with your statement completely. I just did not know if it worked for anyone else outside of me. Not often am I moved by a bad shot.

I understand because it seems like those are the type of photos you aim to do just like your other shot with the toes in the bowling alley. If that's what you want to do then that's all that matter. Sometimes we take certain photos of the people we love that even though not great to the critics but it has sentimental meaning to us, that's what important. It's a personal photo. I have a few photos I took of my g/f that doesn't look good to others but means a lot to me. Although I still try to improve and make those shots better so that it's meaningful and also beautiful. My main purpose of photography is capturing real people with real emotion that defines the moment in the photo. That's my main purpose of taking photos aside from every other things.
i don't mind the negative space, but the lack of sharpness and underexposure is a killer.
I'm going to honest and straight to the point..I don't like it. It's not doing anything for me. But being a mother, even the most horrible photos of my son, look good to me. So I can see where you're coming from. I am also not a big fan of "back" photos. When kids are that small, I would rather capture pictures of their face..Their back side isn't going to mean much to me 20 years from now. Just my opinion.
My 2 cents...

If you chose "auto White Balance" in Gimp... or played with the levels a bit it would brighten it up a lot... and put more of the focal point on the child...

And perhaps re-cropping (1:1 aspect or something) to get rid of some of the empty space...
Actually, I think it might have been a pretty interesting shot if exposed properly with just a slight crop adjustment.

The greenish whatever that is is interesting... it plays off of the pink... makes me wonder what the heck the kid is doing... and her hair looks like it's interesting and kinda quirky... and while we don't have the benefit of her face to lend personality, there are other things (her hair, for example) that seem to hint a bit at some kind of personality (though it may not really be a match for all I know)

Technical issues aside... you may have a little bit of something.

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