C&C Please - A re-visit to a favorite site (explanation included :)


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May 12, 2007
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I found this scene a couple months ago - on a dreary day. I snapped some shots but was disappointed with the boring gray sky. I hadn't paid much attention to the location, and felt that finding it again was an extremely long shot.

Flash forward a month: driving around the same general area, looking for something new to shoot (I had given up finding the first location). I made a turn onto a road that looked new to me, and guess what...there's my barn, desk included. Of course, the sky was still sucky, but at least I had my location.

So, today I see an inviting sky and decide to make the 45-minute drive to the desk-barn. When I get there, my heart sinks; a couple of guys are standing nearby. I keep going. Knowing I would be upset at letting this opportunity pass, I turn around. I pull over and ask if they own the barn. Yep. I ask if they'd mind me taking a few photos of it, explaining that I think it's cool looking. "Take all you want," says the super-friendly owner, "You want me to pose for them?" Now, we're all laughing. I spend 15 minutes getting some stuff I'm really happy with.

Thanks, barn-owner!


Nicely composed. I think it would be even more amazing during a golden hour -- whichever one is least inconvenient for you (and your new friends :p).
Thanks, everyone.

My first two visits were during the (morning) 'golden hour' - that's when I encountered the crappy skies.

This time I happened to arrive at high noon (good eye there, dcclark). I got my sky, so I was more than satisfied.

Only thing that might look better is a dark, ominous-looking sky.

It's as if all the stars must line up perfectly in order to grab the perfect photo.


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