C&C Please? -hides-

Flower, I like the colours, seems out of focus but in an artsy way, which to some is just out of focus.

Strawberry, just looks like a myspace pic to me.

Blueberry, is pretty cool in a 90's overexposed kind of way. It is too overexposed in most of the picture to make it completely enjoyable, and lacking some necessary contrast. edit: (i meant saturation here but both could be used)

Black and White, is a decent portrait but could use more subject and less dead space.

Zombie, is very sharp and has an interesting depth of field but it is nothing that I would ever enjoy looking at, pretty weird.

Hope that helps! Welcome to the site
Thanks for the critique. I'm certainly going to be working with my camera a lot in order to fix my problems, but this is why I posted in begginers, haha. Here's another one:

Lil' Corky
Cool, yeah just here to help and trust me peoples honest opinion is worth much more than the ones that just come around to praise you.

Anywho, i like your fish photo. the glass is practically invisible and the fish is nicely seperated from his background, nice job.
Flower - It's a little underexposed. Might look better if you cropped it tighter to the two flowers. The shapes and colors are interesting.

Strawberry - uh...no comment.

Blueberry - It's overexposed. It's also noisy. The hot spot on top of the top lip is distracting. This blueberry doesn't look very appetizing.

Black and White - The background is distracting. Subject could use better lighting. The white words on the neck strap is distracting.

ZOMBIE - Interesting B&W conversion.

Lil' Corky - Hard to look at...looks over processed or something. Got some noise in the background.

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