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Aug 18, 2010
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Austin, TX
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Sorry there are 2 shots. These were taken w/my old point and shoot. I dont have any slr pictures yet but I wanted to get some opinions on my technique and approach. thanks

why the selective coloring on the dice? little over exposed and there seems to be something wrong with your plate jk :p
lol idk, these are old shots. i thought the dice thing looked cool then.
a little too much blur effect? On the right side it's very bright and drawing a lot of my eyes attention over there in a bad way cause it's hurting my eyes. I'm guessing the sun shine at that spot. I would park there car where the house is not in the picture, it's not necessary and it's ruining the picture. Try to snap a lot of picture and change angling a few steps from that shot and take the best angle and edit. That's just my 2 cent.
that 2nd shot was not there when I cced before haha I like it a little bit better nice golden effect.
thanks for the tips, these are of my uncles truck and I just shot them when i got there. i'll be sure to not get any unnecessary things in the background
that 2nd shot was not there when I cced before haha I like it a little bit better nice golden effect.

thanks, i liked the way that one came out too. just wish i didnt cut out the left side. the truck is actually red lol
Didn't see the 2nd picture as well, anyways second shot is a lot better. Like the golden effect better than black and white because those cars are classic, goes along with the theme. Also no unnecessary things in the background and it's not blinding my eyes lol. one thing, you shouldn't cut off part of the truck on the left side. Other than that, good pic.
I thought they turned out really good. My attention went right to the dice because that's where the color was. I think you have an evenly balanced picture a well.

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