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Jan 8, 2012
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Hi, I have a few pictures I would like to get everyone opinion on. I have not been shooting pictures for very long. I have made two trips to Cades Cove in TN and these were taken there.




I have several other, what I think, are good shots but want to start with these.

Thanks for any input

Also, I have not edited any of these pictures. I do not know enough yet to get into that.
It is ok to edit any of these but if you would explain how you made the changes.

I used the recently released Lightroom 4 Beta, PsCS5, and Topaz Adjust:
In Lightroom 4 I used the White Balance eyedropper tool to set the white balance and did a slight crop. I adjusted the contrast using the Tone Curve panel, and I added a vignette. I then opened the photo in PsCS5.

I copied the Background layer, changed the blending mode to 'Screen' and then lowered the Opacity of that layer to 75%. I went under the Layers tab and Merged Visible layers. I then again copied the newly merged Background layer and open the Topaz Adjust plug-in where I used the Photo Pop preset, and then the Clarity preset. Back in CS5 I reduced the Topaz Clarity edit to 50% and added the thin black border by going under Image > Canvas size .

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wow what a diff, Great job KMH, Alton great capture's, I like 2 & 3 the best although # 3 looks a bit to green, #1 is my least favorite, nice capture none the less.
Great Job KmH. Thanks for the explanation of what changes were made. I am trying to learn what does what in photoshop and what to do to certain pictures to get the best outcome.

Thanks coltfan. The 1 and 2 were from a few weeks ago. My dad and I, along with a couple of other guys, spend about 2 hours taking photographs of the buck and doe in 1. He fell asleep several times from being tired of chasing her. It was a fun experience but I have to say I enjoyed the bear more. Being able to get close enough to get good shots of those things was a rush.

Thanks again for the input.
KmH, Excellent job with this one. What was done to take the green out? I have several pictures that were taken during the time of that one. I would like to adjust. Thanks
I used the Temperature and Tone sliders in ACR (CS5's Camera Raw).

I also used the Vibrance slider down the the Presence section of the Basic panel.
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