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Jan 30, 2012
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Thanks everyone :)
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The focus seems to be off or at least very soft in all of them? What aperture are you shooting at?

Out of the set, I think the one of the cups is most interesting.

Edited to add: I saw the comment about "chopping" the edges of the placemat/doily. The cutting off doesn't bother me so much (since it's pretty symmetrical), but I did notice upon a second glance that there's a little crease in the bottom left. Just a tiny bit of a distraction.
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Seems like #1 needs more contrast. I like the idea.

#3 is interesting but needs a smaller "place-mat" to avoid getting chopped on the edges.

Sorry, #2 and #4 don't work for me.

My $0.02.
With only 5 posts, I'm not going to put in the time to C&C unless you first put in some time to tell us something about your shots at the least, or you can do your own C&C (preferred) and then we can comment on that. For all I know you'll never look at this post again and I'll be wasting my time. "Help me help you."
I think 1 is the best. Next time I would shoot in portrait mode (vertical). Also if she was looking at the bubble it may be better. Along with making it a bit sharper/more focused.

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