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Mar 4, 2012
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Morning all,
I am new to photography, but trying to improve my skills by using diffrent lighting in diffrent positions,
and diffrent apertures etc,
I went out the other night and brought some things home to photograph,as well as fruit i had in the kitchen,
$357.jpg$291.JPG$316.JPG$002.JPG$008.JPG$023.JPG$014.jpg$008.JPGAnd last night i took my self for a walk and found the cutest little blossom tree.
The apple is quite good because it is simple, colorful, and the light shows off it's color, texture, and shape. The flowers have harsh lighting that's very close to the lens axis because of the flash placement and relative size. Try using a modifier to enlarge the flash. This will get rid of the distracting and harsh shadows so we can better see the pure form and color.
Thanks bazooka.
you are not the first to say that the lighting on my pictures are on the lens axis, remember i am a beginer and trying to self teach,lol.
but ive been trying to figure out what it means. and ive been looking around the internet.
I think i get what you mean now.( i have been using the built in flash on the camera without any sort of filter etc to soften the light)?.
So what i was wondering is if i were to purchase a bounce flash for the hotshoe on my camera and perhaps a flash modifier do think that would solve my problem. :)
I only got my camera for christmas so i am still in the early stages of equiptment needed etc.
Before you get into the intricacies of using flash, I think you need to get better at very basic composition and exposure.The first picture is very underexposed and needs a bit of brightening and sharpening.Get some resource material on exposure and get that nailed down before buying anything else.

I like your collection of images.... Yes, the lighting on apple is excellent!!! The study using the bunch of rose flowers also worked well...Bazooka has done a fine analysis regarding lighting and traveler's posting added to the knowledge

Eager to see more images from you

Regards :D
Don't use your on camera flash. If you have the funds, buy a hot shoe flash. Posting your exif will get you better CC.
Well, ive been out and purchased a flashgun, now just need some practice to use it effectively,lol.
thanks guys for all the advice. its so appreciated when you are trying to learn. :)

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