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Sep 16, 2012
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Took at a beach in Northumberland, England, at 18mm f6.8 and a 10sec exposure at dusk I like the colours but any comments welcome


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Some reason when I upload the photos they seem to go all fuzzy and blurred compared to the original file onmy computer
It's a snap shot. The horizon is too close to the middle and the negative space on top does nothing. There's not enough of anything to make the picture interesting. You could have highlighted a texture, an object, a detail. Here's an example of an interesting foreground element with a textured sky: Joel Nisleit Photography | Colors of Hawaii | Kaanapali Sunset. Here I used trees as a graphic element: Joel Nisleit Photography | Colors of Hawaii | Palm Tree Silhouettes. Think beyond the sunset itself and see what else you can do with it.
I quite like it. I would have framed it slightly to one side or the other of where you did, to give the sunset (bright mass) something to balance against (there are dark masses on the horizon in both directions, either would work). It's simple, but there are some nice echoes of line in the sky and water.

It's a bit *thin* content-wise, but you're clearly not intending this as an essay on man's inhumanity to man, it's supposed to be pretty. And it is.
Some reason when I upload the photos they seem to go all fuzzy and blurred compared to the original file onmy computer

Winnie, If you resize the photo to say 1024 x X and use moderate web compression... it shouldn't change. What software are you compressing with? There is no EXIF in the image, so I can't tell!

The site will compress your images if you dont.. so it is best to do that before uploading them. My images are much smaller (60k or so at 800x600) than the 245k that your image above is... so it looks like you didn't compress it?

Another option would be to use a photo sharing site. Still need to resize and compress before uploading... or they will mangle your images...

Photobucket.com ... Resize and compress first.. their algorithms are harsh
Flickr.com ... A better choice, but limited to 1024 max... easy to link photos from.

Lots of others...
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This is a situation where a silhouette could work nicely .. by itself it lacks a lot of interest, but keep this type of scene in mind for those opportunities ... at least, the way you shot this...

Trees, people, etc.. with these colors and exposures that could add an interesting element to it.

But take that with a grain of salt. I'm learning too. :D

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