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Jun 9, 2013
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Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK
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Hi Guys,

I'm sorry if I bore you to death with Norway but still I can't help to share the photos I have from the Lofoten Islands, in March.
I was lucky to have a bit of sun during my trip. Promise I won't put another thread about them.
These are more for sharing than CC, but if you feel like to, you are welcome to give critics and suggestions.
Hope at least few of you will like them. :)

1 $Norway (11).jpg 2$JoeLeBean-Norway01.jpg 3$JoeLeBean-Norway01a.jpg 4$JoeLeBean-Norway02.jpg 5$JoeLeBean-Norway03.jpg 6$JoeLeBean-Norway03a.jpg 7$JoeLeBean-Norway04.jpg 8$JoeLeBean-Norway05.jpg 9$JoeLeBean-Norway06.jpg 10$JoeLeBean-Norway07.jpg
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Awesome scenery ... images need some cropping.

Waiting to see what Compaq has to say about these.
no need to apologize. these are great. Norway is a unique place, and I'd love to have the chance to shoot there.
Yes I agree, these image are superb.
My favorites: the last one, the northern lights is incredible, the fourth one with the little red houses, the scene is grandiose! but frankly most are spectacular images.
Just a suggestion, but you would help anyone wanting to comment on these, if you would number your images. It makes it a lot easier to comment on one if it can be referred to by number.

Thanks everyone!
Dxqcanada, which ones need cropping please?
WesternGuy, good suggestion :) I gave them a number on your advice.

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