C&C Portrait: The joys of fall


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Apr 10, 2010
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Quebec, Canada
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Here we go, early in the morning about 9 am yesterday during a photoshoot!

Nikon d90, sb600 + gary fong lightsphere and a gobo to block out light

give me your all ( comments )


ADDED 23 october 2010
heres another image i posted much further, a gobo was used to block out light, sb600 used to light model with lightsphere
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I don't think she realizes how many bugs are living in dead leaves lol.

Not digging the 'angle' of the shot though.
I was digging it... but maybe that's just the man in me talking. :lol:
C&C per req:

This is a neat idea, but I think the execution could be improved. The excessive DoF has rendered the background way too focused and distracting and the image needs to be leveled.
I think with a different background, say softly focused homogenous green (trees/hedge) and more of a 'on her side' pose, this could work.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

actually its a ''false'' nude, shes got clothes....just well hidden
Love the idea, but need a longer focal length, better angle, and a level background, or less cluttered/focused background.
I wish both legs and feet were visible in the photo...the single foot sticking up is kind of distracting,and the longer one looks at the photo, the worse that question nags at the mind. I hear what Christie Photo is suggesting with the longer focal length; the on-film size of her hands and head look quite large in comparison to the rest of her, due to the relatively short focal length lens used at fairly close-range...it is causing some foreshortening to occur, and is also making the angle of view behind the person quite wide, thus showing a big,wide length of that wooden fence...the effect would have been different if a longer focal length lens had been used from farther away.
I like the concept but feel variations of that pose could have been more effective. As has been mentioned, shooting head on with a short focal length is not particularly flattering to the model. And while she had the presence of mind to point her foot (kudos, it lengthens her leg), from dead on like this we get to see the somewhat-wrinkly sole of her foot, not the most photogenic side. I would suggest shooting from more of a 3/4 or side-on perspective, with the model more on her side or back, whatever you could handle while maintaining leaf coverage. That would let you play with the lines of the body in more interesting poses, than "Here's a head with some arms...oh, and a leg!".

I also agree that the tilted fence is very distracting. Something that long and straight, unless it really adds to the image by being tilted (draws the eye to a particular corner, for instance), is generally better off being horizontal.

For this location I would have used a shallower depth of field as well. Focus on the eyes and even if some of the body is out of focus (such as the leg), you'll drop the fence and the rest of the background even more out of focus, drawing more of the attention to the model.

Finally, and this is largely personal preference, the lighting is more flat than I like. From the bit of sky in the corner it looks like the day was overcast, so I believe that you did well with the lighting available. But if you revisit this concept, I'd try for a clearer day, in the late afternoon. Capturing the golden hues and shadows then will really work with the leaves to convey Autumn.
Heres another image i'm adding! A gobo was used to cut out light, and my lightsphere with sb600 lights model!

Her make up is smudged a bit.

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