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Aug 6, 2010
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Salisbury, UK
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Right after this thread I decided to have a play with my Nikkor-H Auto 28mm f3.5, but don't worry it is the AI converted version so I didn't break my baby :)

Anyway I took a few quick photos of this abandoned church near where I often go walking, I fail at taking photos of anything that isn't alive so you can be as mean as you like...

1. On my way there (and yes i know the church isn't in this shot)

2. At the gates

3 Black and white (and blown out because i was bored of normalcy) for good measure

Since this lens has a modest aperture of f/3.5, even this old design is a fairly good performer. The main difference between this lens and a more modern one is the fact that coatings have improved dramatically. The lens is 'sharpish', but lacks the brilliance that newer designs have. This is particularly noticeable in the first photo, where the field in the lower half of the image lacks sparkle. There is some overall flare present, obviously, from the sky, which causes this.

Modern lenses are much faster and have performance that is at least as good, usually far better.
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I have this exact lens, AI converted and have shot it with an adapter on my Rebel, producing the same results. The only thing I don't like is the fact it only has 5 aperture blades. However it performed well on my Nikkormat FTN with a tripod at night. One issue is wide open it shoots well but when I step it down to like F8 and do a long exposure I get a good amount of flare. Sometimes I can remove it in Photoshop, others I can't.

Nice to see others rocking the old glass. if it's old it's gold :thumbup:

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