C&C this shot of a paddler


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Jul 18, 2015
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Any comments on the photo in general, and especially the conversion and post work, are appreciated.
Thanks for looking!

The Lone Paddler
posting a tiny picture means that detail can't really be seen
try posting a larger picture

sorry, I realized that I could get a larger image from Photobucket.

You have changed the extension to .jpg-original.
That needs to be changed back to .jpg or no editing program will open it.
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Thank you. When I post from photobucket, are you seeing just a thumbnail?
Sorry, I was able to DL the larger file and rename it so that it could be opened.
Unfortunately, the picture overall doesn't have the variety of shapes and tones that make a BW image beautiful or interesting.
It is quite low contrast and the number of white specks almost look like the original was a incompletely washed film negative.
The paddler is nicely placed but there isn't enough in the picture to give a viewer any interest.
(I assume that you have added the texture to give the picture more interest.)
It looks, from the shadows, that you were shooting into teh sun and this is a difficult situation to get shadows where you want them.

Yep. Perfectly valid critique. That's why I'm here. Thank you. :)

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