C&C would be MUCH appreciated on two pairs of photos.


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Mar 1, 2011
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San Francisco, CA
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Hey guys/gals

I've got two pairs of photos from some sets that I've taken. I was hoping for some C&C on them.

The first is of our newly adopted puppy (Abbie) A Rottweiler and Husky mix.

Using Tamron 60mm f/2
@ 1/250

Using Tamron 60mm f/2
@ 1/250

This second set is a few pictures I took while exiting a AT&T park after attending a SF Giants game this summer.

Canon 28-135mm

Bay Bridge by Anthony Musetti, on Flickr
Canon 28-135mm

Please let me know what you think, or what I could do better next time.
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I like the second pair of the city, although both of their horizons seem to be slightly off level.
First one is a bit overexposed and almost too tightly cropped (barely) IMO. The second is definitely too tight as I'd prefer to have both ears (i.e. the whole head) in the frame.

I like both city scenes. However, the first seems the crane was the focal point leaving me asking why. The lighting on the building to the right was simply unfortunate but could probably be fixed up.

The second city scene lost some focus at the bridge which is what draws my attention. The street curves around drawing me into the bridge. I like that the buildings on the right and (further back) left give great depth to the overall image. The bridge lights being out of focus is a real bummer!!

For the city scenes, what were the exposure times & ISO? I couldn't do as well as you did yet so that information gives me a bit more insight. Thanks.
Thanks for the critiques, I agree. I was also bummed that the lights were blurry. These are the raw photos, I touched up the crane photo in Photoshop to deal with the lighting issue, and there was no method to my madness on the crane photo, just a crane amongst the highrises on the Embarcadero. AS far as the composition of the photos, They both have an exposure bias of -1.00 & were both shot at ISO3200 with 1/8sec shutter speed.
i actually quite like the first city shot. the sky is nicely captured with a smooth transition from light to dark. good clarity and sharpness in the shot. the shadow on the right side is a bit wonky though, what happened?
I like the second pair of the city, although both of their horizons seem to be slightly off level.

This and there is some distortion that is occuring. Watch your angles and make sure to try to line up building edges with the photo framing.

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