A little C&C on These Photos

The thing with the video is it might be fine to learn technique but the color is so amped up it doesn't look naturally occuring anymore. If it's nature and landscapes then it would look better without being so heavy handed with over saturated color.
I agree. I like to lower the exposure with the filter and then use the eraser to lighten up some things.
Ask yourself what you're trying to do or portray with an image and why. I see what you're doing with the trees/poles, and... sure, ok... you did that. But I saw it and I've seen all there is to see and I'm moving on. The first one has more "interest", but it's not standing out as anything we haven't seen many times before and I'm not seeing anything deeper than foreground and background subject and neither say much to me.

A picture generally done well is going to be doing many things at once... interesting colors, textures, subjects, imagery... possibly a message tossed in for good measure.

That said, don't feel bad about it. It takes a long while to get there. We all have PLENTY of pictures like these in a steam trunk somewhere. :)
Thanks for the feedback. I'm not generally a landscape or stationary object photographer. I will try and apply a lot of the suggestions with future photos. Thanks again.

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