Ok so I'll take a stab at this for ya :)

But just a few helpful hints for ya..... It makes it eaier for folks to cc if you number your images and 2 if you give us the exif data...

Let me ask you this what is the story you are trying to portray in this photo?? What I see is someone pulling their hair out or scratching their head. I think your exposure is good.

Im pretty sure yoy have too shallow a dof it wouldve been nice to see the whole face of the dog in focus. Def good focus on the eye but the nose is oof. I kinda dont like the crop and wish the rest of his shoulder was in the picture.

just me 2 cents worth... not a bad job and keep on shootin ;)
1. I am lost on. Exposure looks good. Conversion looks good. The watch band is in sharp focus is what draws my eye.

2. He's beautiful. Focus is on his ear. Conversion on him is a bit flat and could use a boost in exposure-which is quite often the case in black and whites.
#1 is backwards. Her face in the mirror should be in focus. People are hard wired from birth for facial recognition. Consequently backs of heads are much less than compelling.

#2 - Most f/1.8 lenses used at f/1.8 cannot focus sharply, and need to be stopped down at least 2 stops to be at the begining of that range of lens apertures that are tack sharp.

Two stops smaller lens aperture to get sharper focus is from f/1.8 to f/3.5.

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