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May 19, 2003
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Adelaide, South Australia
I got one of my grandpa's old SLRs from about..the was either 74 or 64..but its an Olympus OM-1n. Before that i'd used a Sony Mavica, one of the newer ones with a mini-CDR drive, from my mum's work place (I just turned 18 incase you were wondering heheh). But the SLR is a lot of fun to use, i love having so much control over the image and focussing which i didnt have as much on the Sony. I also like the depth of field the OM-1 gets. Ofcourse the LCD screen would help a lot on the OM-1.

Annyway, heres one of my favourite photos i've taken with the SLR this year (well..i've only had the camera since february). I was out walking and saw these big cactus' in someones yard, so i just got the camera out and focussed on the edge of the cactus. The contrast looked good too and i knew it would be a good photo. But, here it is. Hope you like it.

geocities doesn't allow hotlinking, so I had to right click on it and copy and paste the url.

The photo is good but I think if the DOF included all of the cactus in the foreground it would be better. Keep shooting
great job n ersha! we were just on the topic of taking pictures "up close" in the general forum. is this the type of style you like to work with or was this something new?

Thanks md, this isnt a new style for me really. I really like taking close ups of plants and flowers with the background really blurred. This photo i was aiming to capture the line and colours of the cactus.
Close ups are so fun.....I love the picture. I took my close up filters into my back yard and found some colorful weeds. The pics turned out really nice and I blew them up and have them hanging in my kitchen. Nobody can believe their just weeds :D

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