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Calculating cloud cover and sun position?


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Dec 1, 2008
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San Francisco Bay, CA
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So, I've seen photographers that seem to get just that perfect landscape shot. They scout out the location, and then sometimes wait months to go back at just the right time when the clouds are dramatic and the sun is just the right place in the sky during that time of year.

What do you recommend using? A dopler cloud radar? What about calculating sun position?
Ive done some study of weather in school and all I can tell you is you cant predict what clouds will look like or where they will be with any sort of accuracy. If you really want to know what the clouds will look like you can check this out: ADDS - Satellite But that will only get what a satellite can see during the day. BTW, Doppler only picks up rain ;) If you want to know the best time for clouds I'd ask some locals and they can probably tell you the best time of year for the clouds you would want. For example, I'm in the Southwest US and if someone was looking for big dramatic clouds I would tell them to come in the summer, and expect them in the evening. But that's very general information.

As for the sun... Its low and to the East in the morning and low and to the West in the evening. Then the sun will be further south during winter and further north during the summer. That's the best I got :mrgreen:
thanks. i found out google earth actually has a cool sun layer that u can turn on. then u can go to the spot u wanna shoot, put in the date and time and it shows the sun in reference to u at ground level. super cool. allows u to plan the perfect time to go.

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