Calla In Evening Shadows

Hello oldhippy ...

please don't take it any personal .. my honest opinion is that this photo is just very nice, composition and the object and the mood, but imho I am not satisfied with the postprocess .. photo seems very flat to me, the yellow part is almost \wo details and also as whole it seems underexposed to me ... I think that with L*a*b tool could be made a great adjustments selectively by hue (color) regions and different luminosity (value) regions ..

in my opinion you tend to do it with a lot of your photos so it drives me to ask why ? Probably you're using a too bright display profile so your photos are often underexposed here (I use 20-30% backlight level for editing photos and/or low-light profile "paper" on my other Dell LCD) and often they have less contrast that I think they should have (so again, your display settings ?) .. Another thing is that you seem to be using a global adjustments whilst for your kind of photos (strong colourful objects in detail) you should rather use L*a*b and HSV like tools rather than global adjustments ...

cheers, ~dan

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