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Jul 10, 2009
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Im not sure if this is the forum for these questions but there is a decent amount of traffic here so Ill give it a try.

Little bit of a background to maybe relate to or know of someone that is/has been in this situation.

I was considering school counseling for graduate school. My plan was to attend graduate school, get my masters in school counseling then hone my photography skills while traveling during summers. The end result would be after a number of years finding a full time photojournalist spot that was acquired from my work and leave school counseling in the past.

I feel as though the path I mentioned above involves me putting many limiting beliefs upon myself. I have began researching Indiana and Purdue Universities photography programs and returning to school as an undergraduate and pursuing my dream after a formal education.

Im a traveler. I love to travel and love to shoot. This is my dream job "from what I understand" and Im not scared to take some risks to make it happen. I did some searching for this topic before I posted this thread and one read that photo journalists seem to live in "never never land". The post was mentioning that with most people life gets in the way, they have to grow up. My nickname my friends gave me is stray, because I always do my own thing and travel. I havnt lived in the same city for longer than 8 months at a time for the last 8 1/2 years. Does this sound familiar to any of you, anyone you know?

For those who have defied the odds and are out shooting and traveling can I please have some basic ups and downs of the job. Was there a dark time/times where you doubted yourself? Be it your skills or missing loved ones. Did you pursue a formal education as I am considering?

For those who gave up on the dream. Did you feel as though it was not practical? Did you choose a family or a steady income over something that was not so certain? Do you ever regret your decision?

Sorry for the book guys/gals. I havnt told my family yet and only a few friends. Not that my family would look down upon me because I am considering this, if anything they would encourage it. Its more along the lines that I still havnt done much research on photojournalists actual lifes, not the preconceived notions that many have.

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