Camera battery charger....bad design!

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Dec 19, 2015
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This may be a bit off topic but it is camera related.
My new D7200 came with a battery charger that is in two parts. One part plugs into the wall and converts the 110V. to the voltage required by the battery. So far, so good. The "pan" that contains the battery is plugged into the smaller (110V) section and has to be supported only by the smaller low voltage plug. I can forsee in time, the smaller plug breaking from supporting the weight of the battery.
I hope this explaination makes sense to someone. I thought of plugging it onto an extension cord so the whole thing can rest on a tabletop or shelf rather than a wall socket. I could post a picture if you can tell me how to do it.
Any thoughts?
Bruce in the Peg
Did you buy a gray market camera? That doesn't sound like a factory charger to me.
I've seen chargers like that. The part that holds the battery can be either plugged into a cord to the 110v or connected to a cord to a 12vdc source like a car. Also for not in the USA a cord for that country can be supplied. Flexibility and I presume cost savings for the maker..........
Henry's shows a Nikon 7200 comes with a Nikon MH-25A Battery Charger.
It will have Nikon and MH-25A right on the charger.
Is the charger you have a MH -25A?

Many camera stores sell both regular & gray market cameras.
The MH-25A is what I've had with my D7000, and I never even considered the possibility of it having an issue. The removable plug is a nice feature, I think, allowing the charger to pack smaller if I put it in the bag for traveling. Being able to use different power sources for the same charger is a plus, but I only use it in the wall.

I can see how it might fail to hang from the outlet of the outlet itself has issues, like insufficient clamping force on the plug, but that's not the charger's fault.

Mine's been going for dunno how many years now, never saw a problem with it.

As for how much charging I do, my shutter count is up towards 52,000, and I use two batteries in rotation, one in the camera, one freshly charged in the bag side pocket.
Thanks folks.............I still think it could be made better:)
Both of mine came with a cord as well as the plug but maybe that's a USA only thing. I never use the plug, only the cord. Not because I don't trust it but because it's just easier for me to see when the battery is charged based on where the receptacle I use is located.
My P7800's charger is a direct plug-in to the outlet similar to the MH25A.
MH-24 like this => MH-24 Quick Charger from Nikon

The battery doesn't have the slide in compartment like the MH-25, it just kinda barely snaps into place.
and I'm always thinking it's going to fall off the wall (or battery fall out) but it never does. But I mostly now just plug it into an extension cord so that it won't fall off the wall.

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