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Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by troutdirt, Jun 30, 2008.

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    hi all,

    new to the forum, but searching for some help with digital camera trouble. Recently, my point a shoot, a Fuji F30, has been taking terrible images. They show up fine on the viewscreen when focusing, but are all extremely overexposed and granulated. here's and example


    Does anyone know what may be causing this, or if it is repairable? I really like this point and shoot, and have not found another on the market that will suit my needs as well. I have not been able to find a replacement for it since they don't make it any more. Does anyone know how the image quality of the fuji f50 and f100 compare the the f30? I hope I don't have to replace this camera, but I would appreciate input on what to buy if I do.



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