Camera Setting for Taking a picture of Xmas Tree


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Oct 26, 2007
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What are the best settings to take a picture of my xmas tree? We just finished decorating it and I'd like to take some pics of it all lit up.

I have the XTI with Kit lens.

Id use a minimum of an 800ISO and, try setting the white balance to incandesent. Since it is a digital thoug try a shot and, see how it comes out. If it isnt what you like try another setting. Also shoot in Apature priority.
Use a tripod, shoot at ISO 100, stop your lens down to f/8, and go.

That way, you'll have no camera shake, no noise, and it will be sharp and mostly devoid of any CA's.
I dono why you'd give that advice Jove, but I don't agree with it...
Besides...shooting in a higher ISO just adds noise to a pic which should be using a tripod...and shooting in aperture priority doesn't change anything unless you choose an aperture.

I would listen to switch. He's got the right idea.
Thanks for the help. I have a tripod and will mess around with it tonight.


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