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Oct 9, 2007
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I need some help. Last night I was trying to take some photo's of the Northern Lights here in Alaska. Well every picture I took had camera shake. I was using my tripod (Manfrotto 055XPROB) and head (Manfrotto 488RC0 Midi Ball Head). I don't have a remote switch so I set my self timer and then stepped away from the camera. I had my aperture set at 3.5 with a 30 second exposure, ISO was 100, and there was no wind. Also I was using my 28-135 IS len set to 28mm. Focus was set on infinity, and the IS was turned off. Can someone help me with why all my pictures had a little shake in them?

Turn off your Image Stabilizer. I think there was just a thread about this. :p

Edit: Sorry. XD Misread, haha. Are you sure it's camera shake? It's hard to tell on those small images but to me it just looks like it's focused wrong.. :S
Does your lens focus past infinity? That might be it...cause I know some do.

Also, zoom in more, or find a less distracting skyline...

smaller apertures might's not like you need the trees to come out properly.
Doesn't look like shake to me, looks more like the focus is off.

I've heard from many different people that using image stabilization with a tripod isn't a good idea, so try turning the IS off next time and see if that helps at all.
Its true, if you are using a tripod with image stabilization on, the camera still tries to "look" for camera shake and tries to "correct" whats not even there, which may lead to the images you got as a result.
He wrote in the original post that it was off. That's why I wrote that I misread.
Thanks for the help. I'll double check the focus next time. That's probably the problem now that I think about it. :lol:

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