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Camera straps - replacement for old ones wearing out


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Dec 23, 2010
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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I have a couple of old Tamrac straps that I really like. Unfortunately, they are starting to fray around the edges - the "softer part" that fits over the shoulder is starting to show significant wear and tear - and want to replace them with something similar. Checking their website, it would appear that they do not make these straps any more. The strap I am looking for is one that attaches to the camera where most straps attach - the top corners - I do not want one that screws into the bottom tripod attachment. I am also looking for one that has a fairly wide support part where the strap passes over the shoulder. I am looking for suggestions based on personal experience. I don't want to spend more than about $50 to $75 on it, unless it is something really super, deluxe special. Any thoughts, opinions or insight that anyone would care to share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I don't know if KEH sells accessories like straps or lugs, etc., they used to sell smaller items.

Pittsburgh Camera Exchange has all kinds of odds 'n ends, they have (or did) one store for new equipment and the other for used/vintage and had their own website - on ebay they're onlinephotostuff.

I've also bought from KeenEyePhoto who was in Alaska but relocated to Mass (I think) and sells thru ebay; seller name is photodarkroom - also sells lots of small items/parts, etc.

Any of these may sell straps & lugs separately and sell used and 'for repair' or replacement parts.
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If your straps are wearing out then your carrying your camera too much and shooting too little.

Lots of very comfortable straps to choose from. OP TECH USA - Straps
I do like my Op/Tech pro loop strap. They make awesome straps, you can even customize them! I had a black rapid RS7, but it was rubbing on my neck and just got annoying.
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I use a black rapid strap to carry my second body on, but you've indicated that you do not want that style.

I use a peak design cuff for my main body and love it. I have been impressed with Peak Designs enough that I would consider their straps too. Store Peak Design
Two votes for OP/Tech and one for Peak Design. Thanks, I will have a look at both. :icon_thumbsup:

gryphonslair99, the strap is 15+ years old as it was on a film camera (yup I'm as old as dirt!) before it found a home on my digital and it has been through three digital cameras as well, so it has been carried around a lot, but the shooting goes on - +20,000 activations on my latest digital. :biggrin-93:

I'll third the OP/Tech. Picked it up at a camera store that had dozens of straps hanging on the wall. Went with the wide neoprene over shoulder and narrow nylon to the body.
Another vote for Op/Tech USA. I use this OP TECH USA Pro Strap and Pro Loop Strap with this OP TECH USA Utility Strap - Sling and it easily handles a 7dmII with Tamron 150-600. I am very comfortable letting the rig dangle if I need both hands for anything else. The strap is wide and comfortable. More than anything else, they fit well within the budget you mentioned.

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