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Campus Sunset C&C/Comparison


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Dec 28, 2011
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Comments and critiques would be greatly appreciated!

#1 (No color balance edit)

#2 (color balance edit)

Do you think the tungsten shade of the foreground still use some editing?
I don't find it distracting.
Can only see #1.
nice image altho it looks vaguely tilted to me.

Very nice over all exposure. However, the picture is tilted left to right, which is very easy to fix. Not sure that I really like the people blur movement as it just detracts from the over all scene for me. There are 3 sets of really light blurred images that I have no idea what they are that are very distracting. To the left and slight up from the people, right next to them on the right, and slight up and to the right.
Nice exposure and color.
It would be much better if there was no tree blocking the middle of the sky. Any way to shoot from higher position, like a roof?
I can only see the first photo, so not sure if the second is adjusted.
I agree that there is a VERY slight tilt, but I think the rounded steps area makes it look more tilted than it really is.

The blurred people are quite distracting, and I'd clone them out, if it was my photo.

Out of curiosity, where IS this? It looks very familiar, but I've only been a few places in California, so I'm guessing it's just a common, familiar sort of setting.
^ This was taken at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Thanks for the critiques! I actually took an almost-identical photo without as much ghosting & slightly better exposure--I also tilted it 1 degree CC.

Pic#2 is technically much better. Why did you decide on posting pic#1 over Pic #2?

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