Can anyone help with this error message?

Discussion in 'Nikon Cameras' started by Fletchmt, Oct 5, 2017.

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    hi all.

    I keep getting lock aperture error message as attached. The clip is down on the only place it can be yet it comes up now and then. It’s a Nikon 1.8d lens. Is it faulty?

    Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture is the message.

    It’s locked at the lowest on 22 and 2.8. Won’t let me put the switch to 1.8

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    I don't think your setting the aperture correctly. The lens can only be locked at f/22! The f/22 is orange and should be under the dot in the center of the lens (set at f/22). That is the only position the lock should slide down to lock the aperture ring. The lock that slides up and down is over the f/2.8 but that's just where the lock is. If your turning the aperture ring to f/1.8 under the lock. Your taking your lens out of the propper position for the camera and will get the FEE message.

    If you do have the lens in f/22 and still get the fee message. Then there is an issue! You might want to check the lens contacts and make sure they are clean. And there is a small lever that sticks out of the back of the lens. That is what the body moves to change the aperture. That lever should move freely and open and close the aperture. You can move it with your finger and look through the lens to watch the aperture.
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    With AF (screwdrive autofocus, opposed to AF-S and AF-P which have builtin motors) and AI-P (manual focus with cpu, such as Zeiss ZF.2 or Voigtländer SL2) lenses on modern cameras, you have two options:

    (a) you can either enable aperture control on the lens - but then you can no longer control it from the camera, which is confusing if you also use af-s lenses plus it then depends completely upon the lens what apertures you can set - or

    (b) you have to set the aperture to whatever minimum setting the lens has, usually f/16 or f/22, sometimes f/32 for macro lenses, possibly engaging the aperture lock if there is any. You dont HAVE to enable the lock, it just helps to keep the aperture at the minimum setting, so you dont get the error message.

    Sadly my Voigtländer Nokton 58mm f1.4 doesnt have such an aperture lock, and the aperture ring of it moves really easily, so I keep getting that damn error message all the time with it.

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