can anyone photoshop this for me?


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Aug 31, 2004
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It's one of my knackered alloys. They should be sparkly silver but the lacquer has gone. Can anyone Photoshop it so that it's an anthracite (so a slightly lighter shade of black) colour with a polished lip?

I'll try, but no guarantees. Lemme get this straight into me head, you are looking to find out what an anthracite rim with a chrome effect lip would look like, Correct?
Whole wheel anthracite. Very edge of the wheel, just where it meets the tyre, polsihed.

If you could do one with and without the centre sticky-out bit silver and anthracite that'd also be good.

I had a go but I'm crap with this sort of thing.

If anyone wants to try other combos I'd be interested. :mrgreen:
alright, I can't get too into it right now, I only have a half an hour left here at work and no net acess at home. I'll show you the quick one before I leave, but I will throw together some variations when I get home and bring them when I come back after the weekend.

I have better software at home anyways:mrgreen:
No one else? All it really is, is an advanced selective color :confused:

I was busyer than I anticipated this weekend, these still are not perfect but it serves the purpose I believe, I assume you are looking to deside wether to paint them or not correct?

The blk#_2's are a concept I am tossing at ya, It's more of an Americain concept, done a lot in the eighties and ninties, The idea I liked the most was blk1_2
When I saw the thread title and who created it, I expected hilarity. I will have you know I am disappointed, and on the verge of whining about it.
But like I said, I'm useless at photoshop and did have a go. ;)

Thanks for these, Battou! They're just what I wanted and they are to get a clearer idea of what it'd look like.

The #2's also crossed my mind but they're only 13" wheels and I'm not sure how it's look. It's a popular style for Rev's on my style of car.
Wheel #19. Mine should look like #9.

You can see what they look like on a friends car.

I'm glad you did the two versions of each. Now I can't decide if the centre should be black. It does look better like it, I think? I've put them side-by-side.


Aquarium Dreams - hilarity in a thread by me? You must be cinfused!

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