can someone run their eyes over this for me?


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Aug 31, 2004
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I've been sent a list of photography things someone wants rid of. She would like to get rid of the lot in one go but will also split bits for me so I can pick and choose. I've not had a good look over it but the stuff is old and I'd have to research most of it. Ignoring the papers which won't be any good now, what do you guys think? In terms of value (I wouldn't want to rip her off) and anything which looks worth having? Keeping in mind condition of each item is unknown.

No idea about the cine stuff, get in touch with the widescreen centre

but if I was offered the darkroom kit in PX at work I'd offer about £50-£80

the cameras I'd offer about £20-£40

no idea about the magazines and we wouldn't the paper

not a lot of help really was I?
First thing that jumped out to be was 'Guillotine'

I think that answers your question right there. Viva la revolution!
It's all old and of average quality so it's not worth using - but at least most of it is collectable. I would advise finding the nearest specialist photographic equipment auctioneer (there are several in England), get it valued and put it in an auction. You will be surprised at what some of it may sell for.

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