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can u shoot under these circumstances?


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Jun 27, 2003
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somehow i got a call from a small hip-hop record label to do a photo shoot of all ten of their artist... i checked their website galleries of the artist and i cant do it :? .. i feel like i wont have much flexibility ... im presuming some "ruff-n-tuff" looking shots, which isnt up my alley ... i'd rather be shooting rockers which imo, they would be more flexibile with what i have to offer.

im no pro yet and can only shoot what i feel passionate about... i think if i go along with it, it will show in the outcome :?

my hubby thinks this will be good for me and possibly a gateway... but my heart isnt in it .... can u shoot under these circumstances? .. if ur heart isnt in it?
Well, it seems presumptious to me to think they will be unflexible b/c they are rappers. But it all boils down to what you want to do with your photography. Are you trying to make a living with it, or are you an artists only?

I'm with your hubby on this one. Besides, overcoming obstacles like this will only make you more creative. Look at Anne Geddes. Whoever thought taking pics of babies could be so intriguing? Maybe you could dress the rappers up in flowers and such. And, oh yeah, pride doesn't pay the rent.
I agree with Shane. I think it's bad, especially at such an early stage in your photography, to box yourself in and say "This is what I do, You're not what I do". Right now should be about learning and experimenting and trying new things. It's possible that whatever happens won't live up to what you want them to be, or that the artists won't like whatever you come up with, but at least then you would have it under your belt and you know that it didn't work out because you tried it and not because you didn't.

To the if your heart isn't in it question, I can say yeah. I shot an anniversary party for a friend of my parents. Can't say I really cared, but they needed someone so I did it as a favor. I don't even know if the shots were any good, since they just took the film and developed it themselves, but I am sure it was a good experience for me and it meant a lot to the family. We need to take our experiences where we can, because we never know where they might lead us.
the thought makes me cringe to be around these "hoodlums" ... and they are hoodlums ... thugs :roll: ... i dont think they will want to be shot with flowers in the background :lol: ... its all about an image ...

i'll always be an artist first, ... nah, im not gonna do it, i wont sell my soul for a fast buck ... *nope* ... maybe my hubby will do it :p ... and u can see his "bone-thugs-n-harmony" :lol:
heheh. good for you, Dew. personally, i think i work with my heart more than my eyes, and if my heart is not in it, i am not able to create the desired shot, anyway.

i have to admit, though, that both 'shane and 'cat have very good points- there might be merit in forcing yourself to make the attempt, if only to learn from it.
i think their points are very good also ... to "experiment" and learn .. but if u saw these guys, u'd be more concerned about ur safety :lol: ... if someone ask me to shoot them, i have them send me a sample photo, if i dont have a vision of what i can do for them ... i cant go into "auto-pilot"

.... i've also gotten emails from "adult models" (if ya know what i mean) ... and im just not interested in shooting "spread eagles" ... im sure the pay is good, but money isnt everything, never has to me, never will :roll: ... money will not control my vision as an artist ... they got enough photographers out there that will be more than happy to do it :D
I admire your decision on this one, but I think you're being really unfair to the people by judging them to be hoodlums just from a picture.
dew, life is too short. do what makes you cofortable and happy and everything else will fall into place.

i met one of his friends on the street, apparently thats how he ended up with my card, he wanted me to shoot a female R&B artist, i said cool ... i guess he passed my card along ... a guy called my house at 8pm last night from his studio i guess ... all i heard in the background (yelling at the phone) "yo baby, yo baby, yo" :shock: ... being that im from the "hood" ... i know these type of characters :lol:

if my hubby wants to do it, i'll tag along ... but i would be strongly against it :lol:
I apologize for jumping to conculsions. Sounds like you've got enough knowledge of these people to make a judgement, And I think u've made the right decision on not "selling your soul" for the moeny.
Well you've already come to a conclusion but I wouldn't consider it selling your soul.

I agree with the first two responses in that you would learn by doing something outside of your box.

We don't always get to do what we want. And when you get out of your comfort zone you have a great oppurtunity to learn.

Just my $.02
need i say "Suge Knight" :shock:

nah, he was also talking about going on tour, shooting scenes and such .. i guess he had in mind a "party girl" .. groupie :lol: ... Mr. Dew would kill me :afro:
damn...I would have taken that shoot in a second. :)

(but I have Dre pumpin through the speakers, Em on tap and a bit of P.I.M.P. still in my head from 15 mins ago) lol

REAL rappers are actually more like businessmen with an entourage. LOL Fake, wannabe thug rappers are actually that entourage. ;)

I dunno...I'd have done it. All this creative vision stuffs you talk about is awesome and I applaud it, but I take pics I like on the weekends. M-F it's all about getting a name out there, getting a rep, getting money to pay for my photo habit and getting along towards "pro" shooting.

like i said before, there are enough photographers out there who can do it all, im just not one of them :lol: (i dont want to be "multi-purpose") ... my hubby thinks it would be good for me ... so i flipped the script ... i asked him, "would u shoot a wedding?" .. he said, "no." ... haha!! .. easier said than done ...

for me, the shoot would be a waste of time because i wouldnt put it in my portfolio, i wouldnt even put my name on it *smug* ... i dont want that shoot to represent "my stuff" ... that is not my direction...

photography is my hobby, my passion ... the moment it starts to feel like "work" .... its dead in the water :eek: ... guess i have to call him today to tell him no can do ... :p

had a lady email me last night about shooting a lingerie show :shock: ... i told her "no can do" ... not my beast .. im a family woman :p

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