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Can you buy extra lens for a canon powershot A75>>


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Mar 6, 2009
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it has 10x zoom but it always comes out blurred.. Just wondering if anyone knew if I could buy another lens and which one. I like to take action shots of the horses and this is all I have to work with until I get the money up for another one.

Thanks in advance..
Powershots are fixed lens cameras, so no you can't buy additional lenses for it. However there are some extension attachments you can get for it, but most are very low grade. If your not getting sharp shots at 10* adding more range to the existing lens will only amplify the problem

Also the problem might not be camera or lens - if you could show a few (5 at most) of these shots here we might be able to tell if a change to your shooting method could give you improved results.
Welcome to the forum.

The lens is built into the camera, so you can't get a 'different' lens. You could get a lens adapter or filter that attaches to the end of your lens...but that won't solve any of your problems.

If your images are blurry, 95% chance it's user error or ignorance. (and by ignorance, I just mean that the user doesn't yet understand the principles of photography).

You are here now, and that's a good first step to learning how to improve your photos.
I suggest posting up a couple example photos, along with the 'EXIF' info (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, mode etc). Then we can take a look at them and figure out the problems.

READ THIS, to learn how to post photos etc.
Thanks & I'll read what Big Mike posted..

P.S. I junked all the blurred pictures..

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