Can you give me Links to tutorials about strobelights?


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May 18, 2013
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Guys, I tried to search on the internet about the very basic of strobelights, but i only find strobes lessons on those advanced one's, like those softbox and using any other strobe equipments.. I just want to know a lesson about strobe in my camera, or flash.... Im using canon speedlite 320 EX... I really can't find tutorials for this one, since this is my first flash and im not a strobist. I just want to learn the basics because i would only use this on some events that natural light isnt sufficient. Thank you so much..
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I have a brief article on TTL on my blog: Joel Nisleit Photography | Understanding How TTL Flash Photography Works. I haven't covered manual flash yet because it's kind of a big subject for a blog post and it's not where I'd recommend beginners start. First you should understand light. If you don't understand light 101, flash just increases the confusion. Once you know light, you can grasp flash. There are always two exposures with flash -- one for ambient and one for flash -- and that's what trips up newbies. Therefore if you don't understand the role of ambient, flash will be confusing. Even in TTL the two exposures are important; otherwise you're just letting the camera do everything and you'll never achieve your vision.

I cover flash exposure in another post, How to Freeze Motion With Flash. It's one of the top ranking articles on the subject on Google: Joel Nisleit Photography | How to Freeze Motion With Flash. It's not an article about flash exposure; it's more specific. But it does cover it.
Lots of good information on TPF too, if you poke around a bit. Check in the Beyond the Basics, and Lighting and Hardware sub-forums.

If you have specific questions, you can ask 'em. Someone usually knows the answer.

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