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Sep 19, 2021
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Hey, i used to take computer science before but changed studies to mediatechnology. I have no experiene with cameras,photoshop,lightroom beforehand. Ive watched some tutorials but sadly i missed the first 2 weeks of uni cause i had an injury and had to stay at the hospital for 2 weeks. Ive just learned a few basics about the camera but one of my projects is taking a photo with:

Portrait picture
Picure has to have a focal length of 50mm or higher. no wide angel
ISO not highe than 3200
Eyes has to be clear and in focus
Skin must not be overexposed

Any tips to settings to do a great picture? Im completely new as mentioned before. Ive basicly only had the camera for a day.

Ive been watching youtube videos, and googling since im so inexperienced but since im so far behind in this program im a little desperate. Ive catched up in all other programs in the study except photography with photoshop and lightroom. Ive never touched these programs before so its alot for a beginner. I only know how to use html, javascript, etc. But nothing about using media, i dont even have a instagram.
Any help would be highly appriciated.

No flash no tripod, didnt know about this. The camera is the cheapest one that university has. Ive only been testing it out with AV function on there are so many settings that im crying. I bought a microsd card but didnt know i needed a microsd usb adapter to transfer it, either. Ive just watched a basic tutorial and used google. Any help would be appriciated, im so far behind in this class cause of the hospital that i missed everything the professor at uni thought in start. Ill attach the lens and camera.

Edit: Any tips for good tutorials would also help. Im 5 projects late and just got the camera from university on friday :(

D, you have all the equipment you need to take a portrait as you mentioned it.
Very important and you didn't mention it, is the light conditions you will be shooting in. THAT'S the most important factor here. Since you don't have a flash, we'll assume you'll be shooting natural light.
I've been through an entire pro photography program in school and in no class was how to use the camera ever mentioned so I doubt you missed that part! Most entry level courses have you shooting in manual anyway!
The assignments are geared for you to figure using the camera part out!
What you want to avoid is mottled light. You want even light on your subject as you have no way to even it out without a flash. Though I hate the look, shade will be best at your knowledge stage.
Watch Youtubes on shooting natural light to get the best results.
Check out a few of my portraits in my album!
Good luck
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