Can you see her?


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Can you see her? There is just a hint but she draws me in....

This is a Fine Art in Motion shot from my trip to town today. This is the serendipity that really keeps me coming back and continuing this set. I saw her as soon as I opened the image, I hope she graces you with her presence!

Can you see her? by Judi, on Flickr
Hmmm, do I see the back of her shoulder and her hair blowing in the wind. I just had a big swig of Dayquil.
No, not really. But it is a neat image. This has some exciting still bits mixed in with the blurred ones. I am pretty in love with that big tree on the left side! The fact that there is a small sapling to the far left is a major bonus.
I'm going to need it drawn out and highlighted, I'm afraid.

I do start to see something that looks like a largish witch's face, but in case that's not it, then no, I don't see a thing.
Oh, now I see it. There's a whitish swoosh lower center that looks like chiffon or silky fabric floating. To the left of that (thanks Nancy, when you said where you saw it, now I see it!) there's what looks something like a woman if you use your imagination. But I think it's probably another tree trunk.
Thanks for looking all! Nancy you are spot on :) Jaca, that's the sense I get from her, looking at something/reading :)
I'm always leary of posting these pareidolia (thanks Derrel!) images because I know I'm..... weird lol and I often see things others don't ;) I love it when others see what I see, I feel a liiiiiittle less weird lol
Here is a pic with her circled....

Yayyyyyyyyyy. Can't take credit since it was not my first guess and I cheated off of Nancy's homework.
yup it took a sec but I saw that. Very neat shot
So who's the lady watching over her?
Yes I see her,it did take me a bit because I was looking in the wrong place.Neat shot.
I see all three.

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