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cannon G9 or a superzoom??


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Nov 17, 2007
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I am totally new to photography,and I want to pursue it as a hobby.

I will be taking classes from a pro photographer.

I can't buy a D-SLR,but can afford to buy a pro-sumer camera.

I am confused about weather to buy the canon G9 or A good superzoom camera with zoom above 10x.

please help.
how much are you looking to spend? I'm looking at the sony h7 as a superzoom, has some good features, from what i've gathered on the internet. Also, the H3 is nice, thats what i currently own ATM, however i feel i'm already outgrowing it, and i've owned it for a week....but i dunno. look up
dpreviews.com" for their reviews and such, i'm sure there are some good superzooms out there.
The G9 is a phenomenal camera that can do more than most entry-level dSLRs, except change lenses.

A super-zoom is something I personally rarely need.

For me the choice would be extremely easy.

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