Cannot burn image folder to CD


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Mar 12, 2021
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I have been storing our holiday photos on CD for 15 years by burning on desktop. Naturally the desktop has advanced over that period, now on Win10 and I am hitting some problems. I cannot burn a folder to CD, only files and older CDs do not display particularly well. I think there is a mismatch of optical drive to old CDs. Desktop is HP ProDesk 600, optical drive shows as DVD RW, I am using CD-R discs. Any solutions please?
No response! It is dawning on me that optical drive is just about obsolescent but is nobody on here using this method? I would really appreciate some reply.
I haven't burned images to CD for years. All on HD's now. Do use them for putting music on my PC but not images.
I am not a main windows user. shouldn't be much different. try not selecting folder but just the jpegs. maybe not enough space on the CD? Historically, could have bad cd's, out of a pack of 50, usually a few duds in them and more so for various brands. I use Verbatim brand and have found them to be better in this regard (less than 5%). I still burn a fair amount of DVD's or CD's but mostly double sided blue rays for critical file redundancy. Many of my recent photo shoots were burned to blue ray as most people have a blue ray player in their home entertainment system collecting dust and they love seeing their photo's on the big screen.
Thanks to both, not sure about Space Face tag! Finally got it by dint of huge trial and error, huge Google search helped a bit. As I am an old tapehead from way back CD is still current for me.

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