Canoeing at Gran Tully


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Aug 27, 2007
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Glasgow, Scotland
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Hi all,

thought I'd share this one with you. Any comments or critisism is more than welcome. I took it a few months back at a canoeing/ kayaking event. It's actually the picture that led to this thread Enjoy and hope you all have a nice Christmas.


Whatever is coming down from the top left corner, those two bars or whatever they are, they are extremely distracting. It's a nice capture though, good colors. Not the sharpest, but that might simply be the compression for all I know. It would have been nice to maybe have just a bit more of a foreground element. Still, nice shot. Merry Christmas to you too!
Thanks Trenton, its not the sharpest picture and the compression doesn't help. I hadn't noticed the two poles before but now I do they are pretty distracting. I'll try and photoshop them out when I get time. Thanks for the comment.
I don't think that is oversaturated that much. Maybe a tiny bit, but not like ridiculously oversaturated. I like it better now that those things aren't in the top left. Good work.

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