Canon 199a Speedlight with a Nikon D90

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    Huh. Learn something new every day.

    So, I finally got a Nikon D90 (yay) and after playing around with it for the past couple days, I thought about trying my Canon 199a speedlight with it.

    Well, it won't work automated, no surprises there, but it does fire and using the flash guides it does an impressive job. I might not bother buying a new Nikon flash for it, as I'm fairly comfortable making quick manual adjustments as needed.

    Test photo, handheld no flash:

    Test photo, same lighting conditions, handheld with 199a:

    Bounced the flash, f/8 with a 1/60th shutter. Room looks exactly like it does when the sun is shining. This was the 5th or 6th photo I took with the 199a flash. The photos got better as I remembered how to use the damn thing as I never used it much before! :lmao:

    On another note, this probably marks the 2nd retirement of our/my Canon A1. My dad used it 1979 until around 2000, then I started using it in 2003. Only was serviced once in 31 years, and still took nice photos. I can only hope the D90 lasts half as long. And now the Canon will probably sit in a closet, unloved for a while...



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