canon 20d focusing problem


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Apr 3, 2009
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the auto focus on my canon has not worked at all today. I don't know if it is my lens (sigma 17-35) or my camera.

I don't think it is the lens because the camera doesn't even try to use a AF point. the lens just keeps on turning back and forth and can't find where to focus.

Another thing though is that when the lens is trying to focus it doesn't seem like its getting in or out of focus. its just spinning back and forth.

What do you think it is a bad motor in the lens or the camera?

I just bought both of them so I'm pretty frustrated
try a different lens
I don't have another at this moment.

Im pretty positive its the camera now because manual focus is working fine now
Is the problem occur even when you try to autofocus outside during the day?
Try cleaning the contacts on the lens & on the camera.
it started happening in the middle of the day so it's not because of low light.
I have cleaned the contacts.

Normally when you try to focus on something the AF points light up on the subject its trying to focus, but now the AF points are not lighting up. its not even trying to find something to focus.
I would say it's stigma lens before the body, have you tried going into menu and clear settings

I just did. it didnt fix it.

im going to go to the local shop and ask to use one of there lenses.
I just upgraded from the 20d to the 50d partially because of a focusing issue! Not every shot would be soft but some. I'm beginning to think it's a flaw with the 20d. Now that I have the 50d I will be able to send the 20d in to be looked at.

Good luck!

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