canon 20D noisy at iso 100? :S


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May 28, 2009
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here is 2 shots from my canon 20D which is known for its good iso performance,
I admit it is really good at 1600 compared to other cameras, it is usable at 1600 however, the iso at 100 is a different story :/

100% crop

full image

has been slightly edited in lightroom (resize and fix colour.)

I suppose SOME of it might be from the film... but it was ilford ASA 100 I used, it doesn't have any visible grain on the contact sheet...
You need to post some more EXIF data. From the image though, it looks underexposed. Images can become noisy if that is the case, no matter what ISO you use. Just not enough light for the sensor to register properly. At lower ISOs, you need a lot more light.
Yes, I underexposed by 2 stops, simple for the fact I was on f2.8 and needed a shutter of atleast 1/60 (had no tripod or anything.)
but surely it shouldn't create that much noise?

lens was 85mm f1.8 (canon.)
I think it should be noisy if you under expose the image. You will see more noise if you try to correct the exposure in PP.
According to the exif data, that picture was shot at 1600 ISO.
How about instead of basing your whole camera off this one image. You go outside on a bright day, take a picture and see what happens.
oops :$ i must have forgot to change i back to 100iso :( DOH!

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