Manfrotto 190xpro vs Giottos Vitruvian


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May 28, 2009
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I really don't know which to go for...
My ex-tutor / present class mate has the 190xpro, It seemed sturdy enough.
however, I wonder if the giottos is worth the extra £50, the legs can go all the way round more or less and it can be used as a monopod, but is it as stable or better than the 190xpro?

I already have a Manfrotto Monopod but it would be handier to have a tripod / monopod to carry instead of both (if needed to switch.)

the manfrotto monopod seems really well built, just wondering about the giottos as I have no history with them.

Responces will be appreciated!
Bump - Need to know ASAP

Got £210 burning a hole in my pocket lol...

(well.. £310 if i really want to spend money just now...)

I need a good tripod.
I think both would probably suffice, and I think giottos will be the best as it is costier, and you usually get what you pay for in photography.

but with all the extras it provides, there must be a failing point, i.e. steadiness, weight it can carry (will only really be 20D + a lens, heaviest is probably my 85mm and longest would be 75-300mm.)

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