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Canon 30D as backup


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Jan 30, 2012
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Houston, TX
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Any thoughts on the 30D as a backup? I know theyre a few years old, but they can be had for a very reasonable price. I shoot with a crop sens. now, so glass isn't an issue.

Looking for thoughts from ppl who have use with this model .

Thanks in advance.
What are you shooting? Are you talking the 30D or Canon D30? Both are digitals and both really are Canon. The 30D is OK. Not spectacular by any means. That's probably why you see more 20D's than the 30D. What are you shooting with as your primary camera?
Primary for now is a T2i which with the right glass has proven to serve me very well. I would just love a 7D, but on a public safety salary even the used ones come up a bit steep haha. Would you think the 20D would be a better backup, or would you have other suggestions ?
What is your budget for this purchase?
the 30D isn't bad, and it will serve fine IF you are getting a good deal on it.
I'm really in no big hurry at all. I was browsingt CL looking for a reasonable price for a 580exII (ha, thats a joke) and found several of them from ~ 210 - 350. I suppose more than likely I'll end up just waiting on a 5D MkII or 7D and calling it a day.
The reason I asked is that for about what you are going to find someone selling a 30D for you are probably going to find someone selling something newer for too... Usually people ask this thinking that they are getting a hell of a deal on the 30D when they really aren't. It's all dependent on price.
5D MK3 is looking like it'll be announced on 2/7!!!
Although I had a 30D and now a 60D, I'm toying with getting a 40D for a second camera. I'd consider the 30D, but I'd rather have 10 megapixels than 8. Of course, I'm waiting for a -super- price on an above-average condition body. It might be a long wait, too.
I was shooting primarily with 20Ds up until recently, still a good camera. The 30D is just a 20D with a fresh coat of lipstick.
The 40D was a nice upgrade. I know a pro photographer who has many camera bodies, including a 1Ds mkIII and a Nikon D700...but his favorite body...the 40D.

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