Canon 5D Mark I & II Waterhousing

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    I am selling a 1.5 year old waterhousing custom made for the 5D Mark I and II. This is a specialty splash housing for shallow water photography (not for SCUBA diving). I used it for surf photography but there are plenty of other uses. This is a flash housing as well and fits the 430ex flash while mounted on the 5D I or II. You can do some interesting night photography in the water and underwater.

    It allows you to control ISO, shutter speed, aperature, white balance and any combination of those buttons including a control for the wheel near the trigger and the wheel on the back of the camera. It has a clear back allowing you to preview the last image and look through the viewfinder. It does not allow you to review and delete images and you cannot change the port or change the zoom.

    I purchased it new for $1500 and am selling it for $800 as I broke the secondary trigger on the handle. The primary still works.

    The 6" dome port is designed for the 15mm fisheye but also works with a small to medium sized lens... I personally use the 35-70mm but I'm sure similar sized lenses will also fit.

    If anyone is remotely interested I will post pictures and describe more about how it works. I would consider this a starter housing that is great if you want to experiment with water photography but may not want to spend the thousands of dollars to get a fully professional housing such as Aquatech.

    I am selling it because I have decided to go professional and get a much more expensive model that will allow me to access the video feature on the Mark II and one without the flash mounting as I don't use it that much. I will post some sample images I recently took using the housing soon.


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