Canon 60D is Officially Here

They also announced a ton of new L lenses too. Including a 70-300 f4-5.6 and a 8-16 f4 fisheye as well as a bunch of replacements for tele primes.
I went back and looked. Yes, some interesting glass. I see they don't have a price yet on that 70-300mm f/4-5.6L ... That lens is an extremely attractive option if it's not outrageously priced ...

I also see they updated their TC's again and have updated the 300mm f/2.8 (also no price announced yet).
Whoops its actually an 8-15. Im interested in the extenders. Potn is claiming the retail on the 70-300 is 1500 but remember street price is usually a good amount lower.. The revamped 300 and 400 are suposedly retailing at 7000 and 11000 respectively :S wowzaa.
Ugh... They're releasing an L grade 70-300 with already like five versions of the 70-200 already... Would have been nice to see a 200-400 f/4 like what Nikon offers, or a revamped 100-400.
If that 70-300 L glass is around 1-1.5 grand then it will be my next upgrade. If its over 2 grand, not worth the money then.

Yeah I am suspecting it to be 1.5-1.8 grand

Assuming it has top notch optical quality, it's the best lens if you want telephoto zoom on FF.

70-200 just doesnt zoom that much on FF body.

Plus that new 70-300 is compact, which is a massive plus over humongous 70-200 f/2.8

their extreme wide angle lens is an answer to sigma's 8-16 i guess
I am so excited for the new teleconverters - our last upgrade were just build quality not optics- this time we get optics and improved AF - that matched with some of the new M2 lenses is going to make some very impressive setups!

A new 300mm f2.8 IS L is also very exciting - lighter, better and it and the new 400mm f2.8 have focusing motors that allow for the external video focusing setups to be attached. A sure sign that DSLR for video is here to very much stay and become a part of the future of DSLRs
70-200 just doesnt zoom that much on FF body.

Plus that new 70-300 is compact, which is a massive plus over humongous 70-200 f/2.8

Maybe for some people, but I use my 70-200 for modeling shots mainly, so it's not used for reach by myself. That and the weight's never bothered me, especially since I use it on a 5DMKII with grip and 2 batteries.
They forgot to add Rebel to the name, that's what this camera is it seems. The specs is not to bad but really don't see anything to make it better than the 50D besides the extra 3MP. It even is using the SD card rather than the CF and it's all plastic body means it going to be weak. This camera is a real disappointment
Looks OK...but I'm not happy about the switch to SD cards.

The metering being able to see in color, sounds interesting.

It's slower than the 50D (5.3 fps vs 6.3)...I wonder why :scratch:

Flash Master capability (like the 7D) is awesome.
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No flash sync socket
The more I read, the less I like it.

As mentioned about, this is a lot more like a Rebel than the 50D was. I don't think I'll be getting this one. So should I get a 50D or a 7D?
This is like another body for T2i. Except for the ergonomics or the better focus system, I don't see a lot of difference. I'm glad I didn't wait for 60D. (At least as an amateur)

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