Canon 70-200/2.8 L IS USM for sale


Mr. Rain Cloud
Jul 23, 2009
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Canon 70-200mm f/2.8-L series, with Image Stabilizer technology (IS), and Ultra Sonic Motor (USM) focusing system. A solidly-built, professional-grade L-series zoom lens that has been well cared for. The front element has been protected by a 77mm clear filter when not in use, and the glass front and rear is exceptionality clean, with no scratches, streaks, or cleaning marks.

The lens has a very clean exterior finish, with only a few extremely tiny marks in the baked enamel paint that Canon uses on its "white" lenses. This lens has not been used heavily. Focus and zooming actions are smooth. The IS system works splendidly. Mechanically, the lens is fit and solid, optically also fit and solid. The photos show the tiny, tiny little "pecks" in the finish, and the very slight rub mark on the front of the barrel where the lens hood fits on. This lens has no serious scratches, dings, or anything like that…it's very close to a Like New in finish.

Comes with the factory bayonet-on lens shade, which reverses for carry or storage, Canon front 77mm lens cap, rear lens cap, and the Canon ballistic nylon carrying case.

Price $1225 shipped and insured to lower 48 buyers; sorry, no foreign or Alaska/Hawaii shipping. Money order, cash, or local pick-up options accepted. No personal checks, no credit card payments accepted.


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