Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L vs. Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8


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Feb 17, 2007
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Has anyone compared these two lenses side by side? I have the Sigma and was thinking of "upgrading" to the Canon L lens. How do they compare in terms of color, contrast, sharpness, etc? How do the AF motors compare? Does anyone have side-by-side examples?

The Canon is better, but to upgrade? I dono man...I probably wouldn't...

Why not widen your arsenal first... Maybe a 300mm or something...
yes, wanted to tell you to go with the canon, but then I saw that you already own the sigma ;)

Stay with it! It's a lot of money for the big one...and IF you upgrade one day to the canon, then go with the f/2.8 IS version...

I just tried it and imo it is just too big&heavy for my purposes, but the IS is the same size and "just " 250g heavier....

But like sideburns said, why not widen your arsenal for a prime or so....
The canon will give you a noticeable improvement in the far end. The question is if it's worth the money. My guess probably not.
A 10-22 or another strobe would probably be more useful than a marginal (at best) difference in quality.
Unless there is something you are missing because of the Sigma, stick with it and get something else. Yes, the L does outperform its Sigma counterpart, but that's the reason for the price difference. Any gain in performance is probably only marginaly noticable. At best you gain edge performance usually, better IQ wide open, better CA and the like. But the % of gain might not be worth the upgrade.
When I saw the title for this post I was going to come on and say "are you kidding?!?!" but really, if you already have the Sigma save the dough and get another lens or a flash or....... in photography there is always some other place to throw your mony I am sure if you have a grand or more burning a hole in your pocket you will have no problem spending it.
Sounds good. I'll hold onto the Sigma.

I need a new walkaround lens, so that is next on my list. Then, by baseball season, I want to get a 300mm f/4L (or a 300mm f/2.8L. Yah, right.).

I also need about 3 more jobs. :)

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