canon 75-300vs 75-300mm USM IS telephoto lens


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Mar 22, 2011
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Im new to photography and really like shooting sports events, but my kit lens doesnt do the job I have a canon t3. I was in best buy today and saw these two lens 75-300mm(199.99) 75-300 USM IS (649.99) whats the difference in lens? Both have a f4-5.9 same focal length or am I missing something? Thanks
75-300mm has no IS if you are going to use the tripod no probelms or your hands are really steady to use it, the 75-300mm has IS and USM the IS only works when you hand hold your camera but if you put it on a tripod IS is turn off the USM is better then a DC motor found in most lenses USM is faster and better.

If you take another lens like the 70-200 f/4 compare it with the 70-200 f/4 IS with USM, the 70-200mm f/4 lens have good reviews online but it has poor IQ in low light but if you use it in bright light the lens works better, but in the UK weather keeps changing so the 70-200mm f/4 IS with USM would be better in any weather change to use.

But the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM is a better lens then both the f/4 lenses above but cost more.
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But in most sport event or fast moving objects my shutter would be pretty fast so would IS really matter?
But in most sport event or fast moving objects my shutter would be pretty fast so would IS really matter?

IS only works better with hand hold it was design to stop the camera lens shake and blur the picture, if you stick it on a tripod IS is turn off. but your are not going to use the tripod all the time. like i said before about the USM would really help you more then a DC motor the DC motor is slow compare it with the USM that why the 75-300 IS with USM cost more because it is better lens then the cheaper verson one.
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But in most sport event or fast moving objects my shutter would be pretty fast so would IS really matter?
A little, but not a lot.

Yes, IS is the main difference between those two lenses...and yes, IS won't really help you for sports because it only helps prevent blur from camera shake, not subject movement. You need a fast shutter speed for that.

There is the issue of the focus motor, as mentioned above, and yes...having USM is a nice advantage. Although, there is a Canon version of the 75-300mm that does have USM, but does not have IS...(that may even be the one you looked it should be around $200). However, note that there is USM and there is Ring USM. The Ring type USM is much better (quieter and faster)...but it's hard to really know which the lens has, unless you look up the specs on Canon's website.

Further to this, from what I've read, the version that has IS, also had a better lens design and produces better image quality. So besides better AF and IS, it's also a better lens overall. Of course, it's a lot more expensive.

But both lenses present a problem for you...the maximum aperture is only F4-5.6....which means that it would be hard to get decent shutter speeds in less than ideal light. This makes them a bad choice for sports.

Shooting sports is actually one of the most demanding (on your gear) types of photography. You want fast shutter speeds and you are also likely a fair distance from the action. So you'll want long lenses that have a large maximum aperture. Most 'pro' shooters are probably walking around with lenses like 400mm F2.8, 300mm F2.8 or at the very least, 70-200mm F2.8. Add a couple 'pro' level cameras that have very advanced auto focus and a very fast frame rate and they have enough gear to equal the price of a nice used car.

I haven't see that you mention what your budget it's hard to offer a recommendation. The best 'bang for the buck' lenses for sports might be something like the Canon 85mm F1.8 (if that is long enough for your type of shooting). Otherwise, I might suggest a Sigma or Tamron 70-200mm F2.8. Still rather expensive lenses, but cheaper than the Canon option.
Thanks for all the great info big mike. So you say there a 75-300mm with usm that's cheaper? I've heard with the sigmas and tamron the Iq isn't that great.. not sure if its true. The 85mm maybe won't be long enough for what I want to do. Is there anyone here that has a shoot from the 75-300mm without usm IS???
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I have the 75-300mm III USM (listed at $250). It's a basic 'consumer zoom' lens. It's not made like a tank, but it's not terrible either. The image quality is OK, not outstanding but not really depends how picky you are. It does have a USM focus motor, but not the 'good' type of USM. See here for a better explanation that I can give.

I believe that the 'non USM' version of this lens is essentially the same, just with a louder, slightly slower AF motor.
Neither of those lenses is all that great, the 70-200 F4 IS that was mentioned earlier is far better than either lens, and about the same price as the 75-300 IS.

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